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Delicate Heart [entries|friends|calendar]

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June 8th, 2006 at 10:33pm]
[ mood | worried ]

carnival was alrite.
But i'm in a bad mood
& i don't feel good
finals tommorow

When you smile, it is like a song.

May 21st, 2006 at 5:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

this weekend was amazing
just about everything is great for me right now
i can't wait for summer
but until then im getting all my shit together for school and i AM going to pass for the year
i love my friends, i love my family, i love everyoneeeee

When you smile, it is like a song.

April 21st, 2006 at 9:33pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

today sucked. probably one of the worst days ever.
so suck it, n00bs

When you smile, it is like a song.

April 11th, 2006 at 2:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

spring break is so good. slept over marias friday night with jenny & marissa then went to sams party saturday & slept over marias again, then helped mom paint sunday & slept over marissas. i went to the palisades mall for the first time yesterday it was pretty good. the fake roller coaster sucked though. i miss the guys, but other than that everythings really good.

When you smile, it is like a song.

April 7th, 2006 at 3:27pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

its spring break & im sick & not allowed out & it sucks, I'm writing in lj cause i basically have nothing better to do. things are going pretty well lately, but everythings also kinda weird...i dont know i can't really explain it.i've had alot of drama lately, like more than ever, but overall most of it has been stupid & really hasn't gotten to me at all. I'm glad its getting warm out. This year has gone by really really fast & if i think about it alottt has happened, good & bad, but it's been a good year. I've met alot of new people that i really like this year but i also lost alot of good friends, but i got some back too. Last year seems forever ago & i miss how everything used to be, basically nothing was ever serious & i acted stupid all of the time, which to most of you dosn't sound too different from me now, i just feel like i've changed alot. I miss having to stay up till 5 in the morning when you had a sleepover & being a loser if you didnt & manhunt at jessicas, staying up on the phone until 6 in the morning, waiting for jackie to fall asleep then throwing snow on her, throwing baby powder all over evies friends, when the movies was the place to be every single friday night; not writing poetry on a napkin at starbucks or when everyone wore those retarded volatiles & thought they were the cutest things ever, when all my teachers actually liked me, sleeping over ericas old house like everyweekend & going to her softball games & tara tonya & tina, "oh herro swiss rolls", vicki screaming at us to go to sleep at 2 in the morning, Espo & wilbert, telling my life story to jenna megann alyssa & kristin everyday in i.s, getting written up for building blanket tents &making mr. bacon miserable. basically just all the gay stuff from middle school & all the people im not as close with or lost completely, but to be honest i can't really complain, i basically have the 2 best friends in the world & they stand by me in absolutely anything & i know i'm really lucky because ALOT of people don't have that. I have alot of old friends & new ones and they're all amazing too. I can't wait for the summer, I think its going to be amazing. This entries starting to ramble so im gonna stop now :)

When you smile, it is like a song.

March 27th, 2006 at 9:35am]
[ mood | happy ]

the play turned out really really good.
everyone liked it alot.
the cast party was alooott of fun.

1 // When you smile, it is like a song.

March 19th, 2006 at 10:47pm]
[ mood | out of it ]

good weekend.
i got a fish.
its name is fish.
i really like it alot.
more than muffin.
im in a real daze lately.
ive got some really good friends.
im pretty lucky.
the plays getting better.
im so tired.
its getting late.

When you smile, it is like a song.

February 25th, 2006 at 9:06pm]
ashley is a real gayhead.
im not ready for break to be over.
When you smile, it is like a song.

February 24th, 2006 at 12:07pm]
[ mood | rediculous ]

so uh yeah.
jenny comes back tonight :)
hahaha i threw a bag of popcorn into beasts fro last night.
it was really great.
im a huge gayface.

1 // When you smile, it is like a song.

February 20th, 2006 at 8:37am]
[ mood | blah ]

break is ok.
maria isn't home yet.
date movie was hysterical.
& i <3 jenny.
im bored.
& sick of you.

When you smile, it is like a song.

February 8th, 2006 at 5:11pm]
nothings going on, my life is uh pretty boring.
i'm sick.
i got pushed into stairs by an emo kid today.
the grammys are on.
When you smile, it is like a song.

January 10th, 2006 at 5:02pm]
i'm using lj again. i like it cause it makes me remember everything. myspace killed it. fuck myspace.
1 // When you smile, it is like a song.

September 22nd, 2005 at 6:07pm]
3 // When you smile, it is like a song.

September 10th, 2005 at 10:19am]
[ mood | complacent ]

yesterday was cool shnoggs got saran wrapped to a pole. i saw the excorsim of emily rose it wasn't scary but everyone was screaming. i got locked out of a paper towel fort. jv game today was cool saw eck and maria might be sleeping over tonight.

later skaters ♥

2 // When you smile, it is like a song.

September 7th, 2005 at 1:40pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i need to update since ihavent in 10years

school was kinda sucky it dragged out forever. 4th free kinda sucks. and free 6th totally sucks, except getting to see fevieee. after school was fun walked to scoops and hung out with maria shnoggy stiffler megann and allison. stiffler licked my face. yeah. then we went back to the school got kicked out by an old guy who rides a snapple cart. then just hung out and stiffler and shnoggy stole my purse and broke everything. did a little telecommunication with maria cause we're awesome. now i'm home and we're gunna go see ESPO and WILBERT tommoro. hahaha espo and he said i wouldn't be back.

p.s shnoggs is stupid

1 // When you smile, it is like a song.

schedule [Thursday
August 25th, 2005 at 4:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hr. Mr.Bergin
1. global studies 1 mrs.tornatore
2. english 9 mrs. d'arco
3. french 2 mrs.dzubak
4. lunch
5. math A Mr.Kopchik
6. world of tech Mr.zoeller
7. earth science
8. earth science 1,3,5 mrs.thompson
8. dance 2,4,6 Mrs.cucinelli
9. freshman chorus mr.lynch

tell me if you have any classes w/me

1 // When you smile, it is like a song.

August 23rd, 2005 at 12:01am]
i love this summer
but im too lazy to write about everything
i just love it.
3 // When you smile, it is like a song.

August 17th, 2005 at 4:22pm]
[ mood | HAPPY ]

monday was awesome
went to lake compounce with maria and cheesehead. we made a nacho sheild in the car since he was assaulting us with a golf club, the sheild didn't work. then we went on a crazy long trolley train thing ride and made friends with the trolley train guy, then we wen to marbisolos lunch thing. MEATS NO TREAT FOR THOSE YOU EAT lol marias a stupid sticker ruiner. then we went on some rides and maria sang mike jones with some kids. we saw these crazy black dancer guys that did handstands on stacked up chairs. went on some more rides and got CHURROS!!! and funnel cake. boulderdash test test CAMERA our picture got taken off for being "obscene". then marbisolo and marias dad wanted to leave but we went in the crazy water playground which was the greatest ever. then we took nacho to the pool which was like 2 feet deep. then marbisolo wanted to leave so we went to the candy store then we left.

1 // When you smile, it is like a song.

August 2nd, 2005 at 9:45pm]
today was deffinitely one of the best days of summer. Spent with baez of course and cheesehead. First  we went in the pool with nacho then cheesehead came and we convinced fevie to go to shoprite and get us cake and brownie mix but we had to go get eggs and oil from the neighbors cause we're stupid. then cheesehead was a bitch and ate all the cake mix. me and cheesehead ran away and jumped in marias pool. me with my phone in my pocket which is now ruined cause i'm stupid. then we ate 10000 cupcakes and brownies. then we went in the pool and played marco polo, i was it almost EVERY time "FISH OUT OF WATER" i so didn't know that rule...then when we got back adam was here...muahahaha.....we had a crazy chocolate frosting fight and got it all over him , and the kitchen lol. we got cleaned up threw baby powder and whatnot all over baez then i was evies  bitch lol but that's ok cause evies just the coolest. me and maria had an extremely intense no dq match we beat the crap out of each other. then dave was mean to me so i hit him with a cane then he beat the crap out of me with a pillow. then adam beat the crap out of maria. and now we're watching the real world. i'm glad i finally got to see my stupid grounded maria lol &hearts;
1 // When you smile, it is like a song.

July 8th, 2005 at 4:01pm]
This is Izzy. I'm updating Ashley's livejournal for her. She is telling me what to write. Ashley is in a Super 8 Motel right now in Memphis. She's currently locked into a pool that looks like a bath tub and can't get out. She has to stay there for 2 days because the Civic Center for her rehersals are there. And it sucks real bad. And that's about it. Oh yeah, and according to Mike, she is a "slut". Yeah, thanks. Thanks a lot. Later skaters.
Ashley through Izzy's typing.
3 // When you smile, it is like a song.

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